A Gray Hair Treatment that works
Rejuvenate greying hair with advanced vitamins, shampoo

There are, without a doubt, many options for those who want to hide or cover up graying hair. Hair dyes, sprays, and colored shampoos can provide a quick (yet questionable looking) cover up for greying hair.

But what if you want to go beyond that and stop grey hair with a gray hair treatment? Many people may not be aware of an all natural alternative that involves a mixture of herbals, vitamins, and scientifically formulated shampoo and conditioner.

The MelanPlus program provides an all natural gray hair treatment for both Men and Women who want to rejuvenate there hair and give it a darker more youthful appearance naturally. In as little as 120 days you can look younger, and gain more confidence without messy hair dyes.

The key to MelanPlus gray hair treatment is the specialized hair vitamin formulas for Men and Women. Many vitamin supplements for gray hair ignore the fact that Men and Women have very different nutritional needs. We have devised a formula that encourages thick, healthy, youthful looking hair growth.

The components of Melanplus Gray Hair Treatment are:

Anti Graying Hair Vitamins (Mens or Womens Formula)
Both Melanplus Supplement formulas combine the botanical He Shou Wu (used for centuries in Asian culture to restore hair) with other nutrients for healthy hair growth plus ingredients specific to Men or Women.

- Gray Hair Vitamins for Men Formula: Contains saw palmetto which has been found to reduce thinning hair and improve prostate health in Men

- Grey Hair Vitamins for Women Formula: Women often don't have enough Iron or Folates in their diets so this formula adds Iron and Folic Acid

Anti Gray Hair Shampoo
MelanPlus Shampoo is a special mixture of moisturizing, cleansing, and botanical agents designed to leave the scalp and hair in perfect health for optimum hair growth. It infuses the hair with essential fatty acids for ultra-hydrating action and helps lessen gray hair.

Conditioner for Gray Hair
MelanPlus Conditioner deep conditiones leaving the hair looking thick, full, and healthy.

When all of these program components are used together it can be an effective natural gray hair treatment.