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Frequent Questions on Gray Hair

Why does graying hair happen?
When our bodies are functioning well, cells in our hair follicles called melonocytes generate pigments -- the primary one being melanin. When the melanocytes stop producing these pigments, we sprout greying hair, which appears grey due to the color of the dead cells that comprise the strand.

Gray Hair Vitamins - MelanPlusWhat causes gray hair?
Whether we want to blame the stress of our jobs for the grey hairs many of us seem to have acquired prematurely, or DNA passed along through the family tree…it happens to the best of us. So, just how does hair turn prematurely grey? Here are a few things that are to blame:

  • Heredity
  • B-12 vitamin deficiency
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Anemia
  • Smoking…there is new evidence that smokers are four times more likely to go grey at a young age.

Why are there different MelanPlus formulas for Men and Women?
While MelanPlus works the same way in both Men and Women, our hair vitamin formuals are more tailored to the specific needs of each sex. For instance, saw palmetto has a reputation for promoting healthy prostate function in Men, and has been shown to promote healthy hair growth by reducing thinning hair. Therefore, it is included MelanPlus Hair Vitamins for Men. Also, Women often lack proper amounts of iron and folates in their diets, so those specific nutrients have been included in MelanPlus for Women. In short, MelanPlus offers the most complete formulations for healthy hair in both Men and Women.

How can nutrition stop gray hair?
Nutrition has dramatic effects on every part of the body, the hair included. So while the notion of a vitamin for hair might seem far fetched, in reality these specially designed hair supplements can bridge the gap between the nutrients your hair needs and what it may not be getting from your diet.

Why is a gray hair vitamin better than just coloring my hair?
Hair dyes, temporary colorants and spray-on treatments can certainly provide short-term coverage. For a more permanent approach to restoring premature graying hair to its natural color, there needs to be an internal change. A specially formulated hair vitamin, such as MelanPlus, can spark such a change.

What's in MelanPlus that makes it work?
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But, one natural ingredient that has been discovered to increase the body’s ability to produce melanin pigment is Ho Shou Wu. In fact, this herb has been used in Asia for centuries to promote youthful, vital looking hair.