Gray Hair Products
What are the best options for darker hair

Finding the best gray hair products is a task undertaken by both Men and Women looking for a younger appearance. The good news is there are lots of options available for those looking to hide and / or reduce graying hair. Options range from simply dying the hair to long term solutions like hair vitamins.

  • Hair colors / Hair Dye
    Ok, so no question this option works. However it does have drawbacks. It's temporary, it's messy, and if you don't do it just right it won't look natural. But for a cheap, easy gray hair product it's not the worst option. It just doesn't really solve any problems by just covering it up.

  • Tinted shampoos
    Just a step down from hair dye really. These shampoos contain small amounts of pigment to make the hair appear somewhat darker over time. Not to be confused with an anti gray hair shampoo, these kinds of products are really for people who don't have much graying hair and just want to cover up a few stray strands.

  • Gray Hair Vitamins
    For a more long term solution vitamin supplements are actually one of the more effective gray hair products. Proper nutrition is essential to having youtful, healthy hair growth. B vitamins and particular botanicals (most notably He Shou Wu) can actually help reduce graying hair and help help hair grow in thicker and darker. The best part is that it's a long term solution, not a quick fix. It can take 90-120 days to see results but that's well worth it in order to stop painting your hair.

  • Anti Gray Hair Shampoo
    These shampoos are fortified with B vitamins and use a hydrating complex (like emu oil) to heal your hair from the inside out. The main benefit of these types of gray hair products is that they help create the best environment for healthy hair growth.

  • Spray on Hair / Hair Fibers
    While these are primarily used to conceal thinning hair, they are designed to be a close match to natural darker hair colors. So for small spots of graying hair it can be used to make it blend in to existing dark hair.