Stop Gray Hair with vital nutrients
Less premature gray hair, and healthier hair growth

stop gray hair

As we age, the cells that produce the primary pigment in hair (melanocytes) can slow down or stop all together.

This in turn leads to hair growth that can range from transparent white to a dull gray.

MelanPlus uses an ancient Chinese herbal compound (He Shou Wu) along with a host of other hair nutrients to promote natural melanin (pigment) production in the hair follicles and stop gray hair.

As melanin production is reinvigorated to a more normal, youthful level, new hair that grows from these energized follicles will start to take on a more natural, youthful hue. MelanPlus packs a minimum of 1400mg of vital hair nutrients in every serving to ensure that the hair and scalp have optimum conditions to produce healthy hair growth and stop gray hair.

MelanPlus is not a drug. It's an all natural vitamin supplement designed to stop gray hair. There are no side effects, and no issues to discontinuing use. While there is no approval process for natural supplements, MelanPlus Gray Hair Vitamins are produced in an FDA inspected and approved facility.

Less Gray Hair in 120 days guaranteed!
While it is ideal to make MelanPlus a permanent part of your daily diet, there should be some difference after 90-120 days of use. The first sign that it's working is usually hair that grows faster than normal, thicker, and healthier looking hair. The best results are usually seen after 4-6 use months.

In addition, it's important to note that a host of other factors including diet, stress level, and smoking can impact MelanPlus' effectiveness. The key to seeing results is consistent, routine use. Taking the product every other day will not yield the same kind of results as daily use. If you want to stop gray hair commitment to taking the product is key.