Stop Grey Hair

As we get older, grey hair is most often inevitable. While many embrace the idea of grey hair, others are looking for grey hair treatments to stop grey hair. There are natural ways to stop grey hair growth from the inside! No more grey hair!

  • Energized Healthy Hair Growth!
  • Gain Youthful Luster!
  • Darker Thicker Hair Growth!
  • Increase Color and Shine!

Grey Hair Treatment

Grey hair can be treated by using Melanplus greying hair vitamins which encourages growth of healthier and normal colored hair. Consuming the proper amount of vitamins daily can have a major impact on hair health and help stop grey hair growth! Not only will it reduce grey hair, Melanplus grey hair vitamins encourage the growth of healthier, thicker, better looking hair! He Shou Wu is the main ingredient in Melanplus Grey Hair Vitamins for Men and Melanplus Grey Hair Vitamins for Women. This ancient Chinese herb has been used for centuries to cure many common ailments from high cholestorol to improving liver function and returning premature grey hair back to its original color! As we age, we start to lose cells that produce hair pigment, causing grey, white or even transparent hair growth. He Shou Wu promotes melanin production in the hair follicles, which helps stop grey hair growth!

Anti-Greying Shampoo

Hair coloring is probably the fastest grey hair treatment because results are instant!
While coloring hair will provide instant results, it does not stop grey hair growth. Hair color hides grey hair growth by covering it up. Hair color can last for several weeks when colored by a professional. However, you will have to frequently go to the salon to cover up new grey growth. Over time the chemicals in color treatments can cause damage to hair resulting in hair becoming weak and thin, leading to premature hair breakage and hair loss, not to mention dry and brittle. Using the proper shampoo and conditioner on your hair can also impact its color. Cheaper shampoos may save you a little extra money but they also deplete your hair of its natural proteins and vitamins. Melanplus Anti-Greying Shampoo provides nourishing proteins and nutrients to hair; keeping hair looking healthy and boosting its color!