Why Does Hair Gray

Hair color derives from the pigment melanin which is the same pigment that gives skin its color. A melanocyte
is a cell present in the hair bulb and hair shaft which produces melanin. If melanin production slows down for
any reason, less pigment is present in the hair, leading to gray hair growth. If melanin production shuts down completely, hair can turn transparent or white. It seems the older we age, the more grays grow. However, you do not have to be "old" to experience premature graying. Gray hairs have been reported on teens under the age of 18. Why does hair gray?

When hair first begins to gray, the melanocytes are present but inactive. The color of hair is determined by how active these cells (melanocytes) are. As time goes on, the numbers of melanocytes decrease, causing gray hair growth. Scientists don’t know exactly why melanocytes stop producing pigment as we age. However, genetics play a large role. Stress, lack of sleep, medications, smoking and improper diet can help speed up the aging process, increasing gray hair growth.

Maybe you don’t want to know, “Why does hair gray?” Maybe you just want to know what to do about it.

Vitamin and herbal supplements have shown promise in treating graying hair and are especially effective early on, when melanocytes are still present. The amino acid tyrosine is a precursor to melanin and is needed for melanin production. B vitamins, such as such as biotin and niacin, are good vitamins for gray hair. He Shou Wu or Fo-Ti, has been used for centuries to treat graying hair. He Shou Wu improves circulation and helps to remove toxins from the body. This helps blood deliver nutrients where necessary without a blocked path.

The body is a complex system that performs thousands of individual complex processes every second, all requiring adequate nourishment to function. When one part of this system is affected, the others start to suffer. When the body does not have the nourishment it requires to function, it can grow tired and old, depleting itself of vital nutrients, minerals and proteins. When the body starts to feel old, it produces hormones that think its old, fatigue, wrinkles and gray hair can start to develop.

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